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How to Pack Your Skincare for Holiday

Booking that holiday is something we wait a long time for knowing it will be filled with new adventures, relaxation, and the chance to break from everyday life. However, it’s also when your regular skincare routine might take a hit. Skin can feel and show the effects of a different climate, environment, and time zone without sleep. Prioritising your skincare routine during your holiday ensures you return home looking as refreshed as you feel. Here are some of my top tips to keep your skin glowing while you enjoy your holiday.

1. Know your Destination

I know this may be an obvious one, but you've planned it for months so of course you are going to know where you're going. But before you do so, research the climate and conditions. Is it just sun sun sun or often cold, dry and humid? Getting familiar with this helps you tailor your routine to suit. As an example, hot climates and lots of spf may increase your chances of breaking out, while colder climates will require more hydration.

2. Simplify Your Routine not Sabotage it!

For some it might be tempting to bring your entire skincare wardrobe in an extra suitcase, while others will simple want to pack some face wipes. Be practical and streamline your vital products and its safe to stick to the basics:

  • Cleanser: Double cleansing on holiday with your main cleanser is fine if your not breakout prone. If your prone to oil, remember a pre cleanse.

  • Toner: Just because your away doesn't mean your skin doesn't need its treatment toner. If you want to continue to get the best results take this with you.

  • Moisturiser: Your Vitamin A moisturiser is not one that will EVER be negotiable, this MUST go with you everywhere. Remember its like the oxygen we need to breathe for our skin.

  • Sunscreen: This is also non-negotiable!!!!

  • Treatment Products: If you have a favourite treatment product like Environ's Hydrating Oil Capsules (one of my personal holiday favourites) take some with you. Check your bags weight, size and if you have enough room rock on with your bad self!

3. Pack Smartly

Be smart with how you pack:

  • Travel Sizes: Get yourself some decent travel-sized bottles to decant your products. This will save space and ensures you don't have to compromise on your skincare. Cleanser and toner are fine to be decanted, I wouldn't advise to decant your actives such as your Vitamin A moisturiser.

  • Multi-Use Products: Your cleanser can double up as a face mask!!! Leave it on your skin for 10 minutes to help hydrate or remove excess oils.

  • Sealable Bags: Make it easy to go through security and pre pack your products into a sealable bag, this will also help prevent any spills form getting onto your holiday book!

4. Hydrate & Heal

Travel, especially flying, can dehydrate your skin but also mess with your gut health and immune system.

  • Drinking Plenty of Water: I know it's tempting to have that glass of prosecco at the airport at 6 am because it's what we do when we go away. However, follow it with some water!! The air on flights is pulled from outside the plane so it lacks moisture causing us to dehydrate. We also might drink a few more while on our all-inclusive, along with being in a different climate so staying hydrated throughout is vital.

  • Use a Hydrating Mist or Mask: I love the feel of a hydrating mist or face mask while on a flight or after a long day exploring. It's a perfect treat for a bit of you time while away. If you don't normally use one, now's the time for that extra treat.

  • Take your Supplements: Our immune system may be affected when we travel due to stress as well as the recycled air on a flight. Not only this our tummies can come under attack from all the fancy foods, drinks and excitement. Taking supplements when you travel is a game changer! My favourite blister pack is Pro-Vitality Formula and for my gut I love Biome Powder.

6. Maintain Consistency

While it’s tempting to skip your skincare routine and live life without stressing over your products consistency is key. Sticking to a routine will mean you glow throughout your holiday and the days you return home.

8. Listen to your Skin's Needs

I say this all the time to my clients, your skin will tell you what it needs, just listen.

Pack some additional hydration if you know it's prone to feeling dry while away. If the sun, sea and swimming cause you to break out, focus on your cleansing. Don't overcomplicate it.


Prepping your skincare for going on holiday doesn't have to be stressful. Understand your destination, pack wisely and maintain your routine to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing throughout your trip. Remember, taking care of your skin is a form of self-care that allows you to enjoy your holiday while feeling and looking your best. But don't forget to book that all-important post-holiday facial, a must to get your skin back on track in the real world of life when you return home, it's also great for the holiday blues.

Safe travels and happy glowing skin!

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