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Do You Use 100% Skincare?

Most of you are probably thinking, what is 100% skincare?

No, it's not a new brand or fancy machine, it's something that has been around for many years but we are only now scratching the surface with the quality of our 100% skincare routine.

I'm talking about supplements!

Our skin is a two-sided organ so we must treat it internally and topically to achieve the results we desire.

Did you know we make 200 million skin cells every hour?

Ask yourself what are you making your skin cells with. Is it a roasted vegetable tray bake with olive oil, garlic, a rainbow of vegetables and maybe some chicken or is it a chocolate bar and bag of crisps because we didn't prep and make time to nourish our bodies?

Unfortunately in today's world food alone is simply not enough to give us the nutrients we need to deal with the many skin issues that are present.

Many factors contribute to this, including how food is grown, stored and cooked. When we look at the nutrients present in food compared to 70 years ago there is a clear decline with many studies backing this up.

We make skin cells from the food, vitamins and nutrients we consume so they must be of good quality to keep our skin healthy and glowing. The food and vitamins you consumed last week helped to make up your stratum corneum, the outer layer of your skin that is visible today!!

When we use topical creams, we only treat 50% of our skin, the outside. By taking nutrient-rich supplements and eating a healthy diet you are able to treat the skin internally and achieve 100% skin care. This way you reach every single skin cell, not just on the face but all over your body.

So what supplements should you be taking for your skin type or condition? Below I've broken down a few of the most common issues and the best supplements to help internally.

Sensitive Skin

A skin that doesn't tolerate cosmetic products and can appear red and hot to the touch.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Omegas+ is the perfect match to help repair the skin's barrier function by hydrating and reducing inflammation. Supporting this with a good quality probiotic will ensure healthy bacteria is present in the gut to allow full absorption of the Omega. Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Clear Biome will work on gut health AND skin health so is the perfect match.

Ageing Skin

Ageing happens to us all and over time skin becomes thinner, loses volume and lines, wrinkles appear and everything heads south. This is caused naturally internally as our clocks tick but we also have to consider external factors such as lifestyle, UV exposure, smoking and pollutants.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Ultimate pack contains the best anti ageing solutions with 5 key supplements housed in a convenient daily pod.

These supplements are like an ingestible anti-ageing facial helping to deliver youthful, radiant skin from within. Working on your skin, hair, nails and overall well-being.

Pair this with Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Youth Biome to target the 7 signs of ageing. A microbiome technology with two post-biotics and vitamin C for optimal results.

Dry Skin

A rough texture, tight, flaky skin condition that can be present all year round but made worse in the winter months. This is due to the lack of moisture on the outer layer caused by central heating and cold environments.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Moisture Lock contains skin-loving hyaluronic acid and ceramides which will support dry and dehydrated skin from within. Pair this with Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Omegas+ to help repair the skin's barrier function and reduce any inflammation. The two together work like an internal moisturiser to give skin back hydration and glow!

Problematic Acne Skin

One of the most common skin conditions today. Problematic skin can appear all over the body and is due to oil and dead skin cells becoming blocked in hair follicles causing breakouts such as blackheads, whiteheads and congestion. You also need to consider poor diet, environment, cosmetics, stress, hormones and lifestyle.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Accumx is an award-winning patented supplement with ground braking results. Containing vitamins A,C and E with phytonutrients that feed skin cells internally all over the body.

Working on gut health and pairing this with Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Clear Biome will balance gut flora and achieve the ultimate flawless result.

I choose to work with Advanced Nutrition Programme because they are at the forefront of the supplement industry for skin health.

Each supplement is pure, potent, produced in outstanding ways and packaged in environmentally friendly pots making the company not only able to deliver the best results but also fully sustainable.

Healthy skin doesn't happen by chance, if we leave skin that is suffering from a condition it will only get worse. Working to prevent issues from getting out of hand by taking internal supplements is 100% skin care.

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